On this page, you can monitor all the audio received by your dock. Key features include:

  • Live Mode: This updates audio recordings as they come in, allowing you to hear the latest content immediately. It's an essential feature for staying current with live audio feeds.

Let's explore features within the table.

Station Name/Callsign: The "Station Name" column provides a clear identification of the station associated with the audio. You'll also notice indicators that specify whether each audio is received or sent.

Audio: Within the table, the "Audio" column displays the audio content associated with each entry. This allows you to listen to the audio directly from the platform.

Let's now delve into the details of the features within the "Actions" column:

Favorite: This function "Heart Button" allows you to mark an audio file as a favorite.

Transmit: The "Transmit" option enables you to share the selected audio file with others.

Play: By clicking the "Play" option, you can listen to the selected audio file directly within the interface.

Delete: The "Delete" option allows you to remove the selected audio file from your storage.

Message: Within the "Message" column, you have the option to convert audio to text. By clicking "Transcribe Audio," the system will generate a text representation of the audio content. If the text appears automatically, it's because of the transcription settings you've configured.

Now it's time for the Sent page.

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