Configure Your Dock

Connect To The Internet

To connect your Dock to the internet follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the Memory Card: Find the memory card port on the Echo's side and gently take out the memory card by first pushing it further into the device until you hear or feel a slight click. Then, when you release pressure, the card will protrude from the device and can be safely removed.

  1. Use a Memory Card Reader: Place the memory card into a compatible reader.

  2. Connect to Your Computer: Attach the memory card reader to your computer using a USB port or SD card slot.

To continue connecting your Boondock Echo to the internet:

  1. Open the File: With the memory card connected to your computer, open the file explorer to view the contents of the card. Find the network configuration file.

  2. Edit the Network File: Right-click the network file and select "Open with." Choose a text or code editor like Notepad, TextEdit, or Visual Studio Code to edit the file.

To finalize connecting your Boondock Echo to the internet:

  1. Add Your SSID and Password: In the network file, find the Wi-Fi settings section. Enter your SSID and password in the topmost fields ("SSID", not "SSID0"). You can add up to three SSID/PASSWORD combinations

  2. Save the Changes: After typing in your Wi-Fi details, save the file.

  3. Safely Eject the Memory Card: Eject the card from your computer correctly to avoid data corruption.

  4. Reinsert the Memory Card: Place the memory card back into the Echo's port.

Make sure the information is entered correctly to prevent errors. Handle configuration files with care, as incorrect information can cause problems with connectivity.

With these steps, your Boondock Echo will be connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can now proceed to create an account in the User Registration section.

Now Let's make your Boondock Echo account in the User Registration section

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