The Boondock Scheduler: Easily automate and manage tasks on your device with a customized schedule. Set up activities like playing audio, adjusting settings, or initiating specific actions at predetermined times.

How to Create a New Schedule:

  1. Start the Process: Navigate to the scheduling section and click on "Create New Schedule" to begin.

  1. Customize Your Schedule:

  • Dock Name: Choose the dock or device for the schedule.

  • Duration: Select how often the schedule should run (daily, weekly, monthly, or once).

  • Time: Set the exact time for the schedule to activate.

  • Task: Define the actions to be performed, such as restarting, enabling/disabling recording, and more.

  • Description: Add a summary of the schedule’s purpose.

  1. Save Your Schedule: After filling in all details, click "Save Changes" to activate your schedule.

  2. Track Your Schedules: Use the "History" tab to view a log of all scheduled tasks, offering a detailed record of past and upcoming activities.

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