Dock View

The First Look

Your order will include one or more Boondock Echo devices, which are rectangular cases with a durable speaker-mic cable. This cable comes with a 3.5mm microphone plug and a 2.5mm speaker plug, which are spaced 11mm apart. This spacing is common and fits radios from Baofeng, Anytone, and Kenwood, among others. The Boondock Echo comes with an SD card but without an external power supply. To power the device, you'll need a USB-A to micro-B USB cable and a USB port or charger.

Top Buttons

The Boondock Echo has several control buttons:

  • Restart: Resets the internal programs of the Echo, often fixing software issues.

  • Reboot: Turns the Echo off and on again, useful for more serious system issues.

  • Push-to-Talk: Starts transmission through the Echo's built-in microphone.

  • Previous and Next Audio: Skips through audio tracks backward or forward.

  • Volume: Adjusts the sound level. Pressing repeatedly cycles from quiet to loud, then back to silent. Continue pressing to find the right volume.

The Side

The Boondock Echo features three ports on its side:

  • Memory Card Port: Insert a micro-SD card here for storing audio and system files.

  • USB-Data Port: Use this port with a micro-B USB cable for data transfer and to control the Echo via a USB-UART interface, like with PuTTY at 115200 Baud.

  • Power-USB Port: This port is for powering the Echo with a micro-B USB cable.

Let's go ahead and configure your Boondock Echo in the Configure Your Dock Section.

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