Welcome to Explore, an intuitive tool for finding docks and repeaters near you with real-time information on distances and operational frequencies. Whether you’re seeking a nearby repeater or planning future dock deployment, Explore simplifies your search.

The map page seamlessly incorporates geolocation services, enabling users to grant access to their current location. This functionality forms the foundation for a personalised and location-specific dock information experience.

The 'Near Me' feature intelligently curates and dynamically populates docks in close proximity to your location.

Key Features:

  • Geolocation Integration: Automatically detect nearby repeaters and docks using your current location. For privacy, you can also manually input your location.

  • Customizable Map View: View repeaters and docks around you with the option to filter by distance, ensuring you see only what's relevant.

  • 'Near Me' Feature: Discover repeaters and docks in your immediate vicinity with key details like name, type, band, frequency, and distance at a glance.

  • Dynamic Information Table: Scroll through a live-updating list of nearby docks, complete with essential information like call sign, location, type, band, frequency, and relative distance.

  • Favorites Functionality: Mark and save your preferred docks and repeaters for quick future access.

Furthermore, you have the capability to designate and save preferred docks as favorites, enhancing convenience and personalization in your experience.

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