My Dock Pack

"Dock Packs" are a unique feature of Boondock Echo that allows users to combine multiple docks into a group called a pack. This feature enhances functionality and convenience.

  1. Start the Process: Navigate to "My Dock Packs" and select "Register Dock Pack." A dialog box will guide you through the setup.

  1. Name Your Dock Pack: Assign a unique name to your dock pack for easy identification and management.

  2. Add a Description (Optional): Provide details or notes in the description field to specify your dock pack's purpose or configuration.

  3. Select Your Docks: In the "My Dock Setting" section, choose the docks you want to include in your pack. This step consolidates multiple docks into a unified system.

  4. Assign Tasks to Each Dock: Customize the role of each dock within the pack, such as setting specific docks for receiving or transmitting.

  5. Configure Playback Settings: Adjust playback settings according to your preferences to enhance the functionality of your dock pack.

  6. Save Your Dock Pack: Once you've customized your dock pack, click the "Save" button to finalize and create your tailored dock pack.

With these steps, you'll efficiently create a dock pack that meets your operational needs, offering a flexible and customized solution.

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