Keyword Customization: Within the Monitor feature, you have the ability to define keywords that are of particular importance to you. These keywords could include but are not limited to, terms like "help," "emergency," or any other specific phrases relevant to your context.

Centralized Information: The system not only sends you an alert but also archives the details of the triggered alerts. This information is accessible in the "All Captured" tab under the Monitor feature.

Overview of the Monitor Feature: A robust tool for the real-time monitoring and triggering of alerts based on custom keywords.

Key Capabilities:

  • Keyword Customization: Set up to 10 unique keywords (like "help" or "emergency") that are important to you.

  • Real-time Message Scanning: The system constantly checks messages on designated docks for your specified keywords.

  • Automated Email Alerts: Receive email notifications whenever a message contains any of your keywords, detailing the message, dock, and keyword that triggered the alert.

  • Centralized Alert Records: Access a complete archive of all alerts in the "All Captured" tab. This includes the time of the alert, keyword, dock's call sign, message transcription, matching keywords, audio files, and email recipient details.

Setting Up a New Monitor:

  1. Click "New Monitor" to begin creating a new monitoring setup.

To establish a new monitor and customize keyword detection, follow these steps within the Boondock system:

After configuring the keywords, proceed to select the appropriate dock to which these keywords will be assigned. The system will automatically generate alert notifications in the form of email messages. These notifications will be dispatched to the designated email address tied to the specified dock, offering prompt and contextualized updates when any of the configured keywords are detected.

  1. Define your keywords and select the dock for monitoring.

  1. Ensure "Auto Transcription" is activated on your dock for accurate keyword detection.

  1. Click "Save" to confirm and activate your monitor.

Note: This feature only works when the "Auto Transcription" feature is enabled.

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